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Hidden Gems: Emily Blunt

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you have a great day, no matter what you’re doing. On this day last year, our Prime Minister announced the UK’s second lockdown and the majority of the country were in a tier that meant they couldn’t see anyone anyway. So it’s no surprise that this year, we’re having some family over for a party and taking our little girl out trick or treating. I’m so excited! Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with Hidden Gems, it’s a challenge created by Mettel Ray, where you pick an actor or actress for each month of the year, pick 3 movies of theirs you haven’t seen yet and give them a watch in the hopes of finding a gem. This month is dedicated to Octavia Spencer!

Why Emily Blunt?

I didn’t really pay any attention to Emily Blunt until The Edge of Tomorrow (2014) but after loving that movie, she cropped up in loads of movies I happened to watch in a short span of time, and I realised how versatile she was as an actress. I might not haved loved all of her movies, but I’ve always enjoyed seeing her on screen and I was confident there was something great that I’d missed, just waiting to be watched.


Definitely sticking with IMDB for this part! I did the math, and IMDB has 35 feature-length movies listed under Emily Blunt’s name. Of those, I’ve seen 15. That’s almost half, which isn’t bad at all, I say! Some of my favourites include Sicario, A Quiet Place, and, of course, Edge of Tomorrow.

I’ve also seen A Quiet Place Part II, The Devil Wears Prada, Looper, Mary Poppins Returns, The Girl on the Train, Jungle Cruise, Into the Woods, The Muppets, Gnomeo & Juliet, Gulliver’s Travels, The Five-Year Engagament, and Wild Mountain Thyme.

It was tough choosing my 3 movies for the challenge, I hadn’t picked very well for the last few months but I landed on The Adjustment Bureau (2011), Salmon Fishing In the Yemen (2011) and Wild Target (2010).


The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

I could have sworn I’d already watched this movie but when I put a trailer on I realised I definitely hadn’t, so I don’t know why the name is so memorable to me. Anyway, I figured with this choice even if the movie wasn’t a gem, it would still be a fun action flick and at least I wasn’t wrong there! It’s tough to even describe the premise of this movie, but if you’ve seen Marvel’s TV show Loki then it’s oddly similar, in the way that there’s a bunch of people in suits controlling the timeline.

If I’d seen The Adjustment Bureau back when it was released 10 whole years ago, I’d have LOVED it, I just know I would. The problem is, it hasn’t aged well, and similar concepts have been done since that have tackled the theme much better. I was also hoping for some kindof shocking or twisty ending, but that didn’t happen. I accept that’s just me being greedy though.


Salmon Fishing In the Yemen (2011)

Yet another movie whose name has always been so memorable to me, despite never watching it. Again, I thought that even if it wasn’t a gem, it would be fun seeing Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor together on screen. I almost picked Ewan McGregor for the challenge this year, but he’ll have to wait till 2022 now. A gem this wasn’t, but I did still enjoy it, as much as it bummed me out that it’s been a while since I found my last gem.

This is going to sound ridiculous I know, but I wasn’t expecting this movie to be so much about…salmon fishing? If anything, I’ve found a movie my Dad simply HAS to see. He’d love this – I just know it. Maybe if I didn’t go in blind I’d have known what to expect. I still really enjoyed it though! I’ve always loved the enemies to lovers trope, it just wasn’t worthy of being called a gem.


Wild Target (2010)

Why hello there, movie I’ve been waiting so long for! Let me sum up Wild Target as quickly as I can for you. Emly Blunt is an art thief with a number of targets on her back. Bill Nighy is an assassin forever trying to please his Mum, sent to take Emily Blunt out. After a mishap, Blunt hires Nighy as her bodyguard and together none other than Ron bloody Weasely (Ruper Grint, of course) joins them. It’s like if We’re the Millers was British, with an extra helping of silliness.

Silly is what this movie is, and I loved every minute! It’s worth the watch even just to see the ridiculous fake teeth they made Martin Freeman wear. It’s worth it for every amazing outfit Emily Blunt gets to wear, it’s just such a fun movie! I’d never even heard of it until I put Emily Blunt’s name into Netflix, and that’s why I love this challenge so much.

Final Thoughts

I’m THRILLED to say that I found a gem this month, and I’m considering raising the score I gave Wild Target on Letterboxd from 4/5 to 4.5/5. I’d love to know if there’s any other great Emily Blunt movies I’ve missed, though? Next month is Emma Thompson, and as always I’d appreciate any recommendations you have for me there, too!

5 thoughts on “Hidden Gems: Emily Blunt

  1. The only one of these I’ve seen is Wild Target, which I also really enjoyed. I wish Rupert Grint would do more movies. You should definitely check out Sunshine Cleaning of hers. That’s a great one.


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