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The Perfection (2018)

the-perfection-2018-netflix-movie-reviewDirector: Richard Shepard

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Runtime: 90 Minutes

Main Cast: Allison Williams, Logan Browning, Steven Weber, Alaina Huffman, Molly Grace, Milah Thompson

Plot: Charlotte was once a musical prodigy until her mother fell ill and she was forced to become her full-time carer. When her mother passes, Charlotte contacts her old cello tutor and asks to catch up, where she meets her replacement, Lizzie. The two strike up an unusual friendship and travel together, but Lizzie is unwell.

My Thoughts: I only watched this movie 2 nights ago but I keep forgetting what it’s called. Then when I finally remember, all I can think of is that Michael Fassbender ‘perfection’ meme. So, yeah. Anyway, whilst stuck trying to pick a movie to watch that wasn’t too long and didn’t require my full attention, I stumbled across The Perfection in my Netflix recommendations. The premise didn’t sound the most thrilling, but clocking in at just 90 minutes long, it wouldn’t be a huge loss if it was a bit rubbish.

This post will be spoiler-free but I definitely urge you to go into the movie as blind as possible if it’s something you’re interested in because it’s one of those movies that’s best enjoyed that way. My husband kept asking me from across the room, ‘what’s that movie even about?’ and I ended up with 3 different answers as the movie went on.
1. This troubled cello girl is angry that some new girl has taken her fame, she’s probably going to murder her.
2. No, wait, I think it’s actually some kind of disease outbreak kind of movie. That new girl is screwed.
3. My bad, that guy is a terrible, terrible person and he’s going dowwwwwwn.

It’s not the most groundbreaking thriller around, the middle part is hundreds times better than the ending and it’s about as exciting as a movie about cello players can be, but I’m definitely glad I gave it a go. I wouldn’t rush to watch it or anything but it’s a fun watch!


Best Bit: That middle reveal was actually a brilliant movie moment. I was laughing my ass off about how ridiculous it was that Charlotte pulled out a butchers knife from nowhere, and then the movie rewound and I was like oh. Oh! OH MY GOD. It’s just a shame that the finale (whilst pretty cool) just couldn’t live up to the awesomeness of that moment.

Worst Bit: It’s got a really slow start. I’m not ashamed to say I strayed my attention to my phone until that guy got really sick and I wondered what direction the movie was heading in. If you can make it that far then you’re set!

Fun Trivia: When Anton is showing the Chapel to new student Zhang Li, he asks her to sing a musical note, specifically an A-sharp. The note Zhang Li then sings is indeed a perfect A-sharp, which would indicate Zhang Li has perfect pitch, a rare talent only exceptional musicians possess in which they are able to sing or identify any note by ear.

My Rating: 3 bottles of ibuprofen which can cure hangovers with no problems, but don’t help much when there are bugs crawling under your skin…


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Girls: Season 6 Trailer

Gather round, and cast your mind back many, many months ago to November 2015. Okay, it’s not that long ago I know, but it sure does feel like it. I’d just finished watching all 6 ‘episodes’ of Star Wars for the first time, and I was excited for The Force Awakens, especially that masked grump we all know as Kylo Ren. He fascinated me, and I wanted to know more about the actor playing him, Adam Driver. Whilst scouring his profile on IMDB I recognised the name of a show he played a big part of, Girls.


I needed a show to get stuck into, so that very night I ran myself a bath, and set my tablet up to watch the first episode, armed with a couple of homemade cinnamon cookies (I have no shame, it would seem). Imagine my surprise when during the very first episode of Girls, Hannah (Lena Dunham) is sat in the bath eating a slice of cake. This is my kind of lady! It’s safe to say I was hooked very early on. It took me about 5-6 weeks to binge on the 4 seasons that were released, just in time for Season 5 to start.

As much as I love the show and all the characters, Season 5 wasn’t my favourite. Whether it was Marnie (Allison Williams) making mistake after mistake, or the impending feeling of doom for Hannah and Adam’s (Adam Driver) relationship, I just felt down in the dumps about it all. However, the Season 6 trailer was released this weekend and I am all kinds of excited again! Here it is if you haven’t seen it yet:

Unlike Season 5, I have no expectations in my head of where the story is going to from here. I’ve lost all hope of Hannah and Adam having a happy ending together, but as long as Adam’s story doesn’t end with him alone, raising a child he had with Jessa (Jemima Kirke) who then left him, I’ll be content. Let’s just say I’ll be going in open minded. It’s going to be sad to see a beloved show end, but I’m glad Lena Dunham and the team are ending it on a high rather than running it into the ground (I’m looking at you, Dexter!)