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Nobody (2021)

nobody-movie-review-poster-2021Director: Ilya Naishuller

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Runtime: 92 Minutes

Main Cast: Bob Odenkirk, Aleksey Serebryakov, Connie Nielsen, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Ironside, Colin Salmon, RZA, Billy MacLellan, Araya Mengesha

Plot: Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) is just your regular, suburban Dad, making his way through his perfectly normal, if not slightly dull, life. When two thieves break into his home and he finds himself unable to defend his family, a long-simmering rage is ignited within him and he seeks revenge.

My Thoughts: I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. I might not have watched much of Bob Odenkirk’s work but I’ve seen enough to know that he’s perfect for this role. He’s completely believeable as this push-over Dad but also surprisingly menacing as this John Wick-esque fighter. Taken at it’s very basic level, Nobody is without a doubt a John Wick copy. Swap Keanu Reeves for Bob Odenkirk and the puppy for a kitty bracelet and there you have it. I don’t necessarily mean that as an insult to the movie, but if you’re looking for an original action movie this isn’t it.

I enjoyed the first half of this movie much more than the second, where I feel like it started to derail into stereotypical territory. You know how it goes – guy winds up hurting the family member of a Russian drug lord, Russian drug lord then targets guy, and so on. I could be describing any number of action movies right now. Still, it’s a solid enough movie and there’s enough there to redeem it as a fun watch.

Was it enough to warrant a sequel, delving into Hutch Mansell’s past? Perhaps! Other reviews certainly seem positive enough. And at the end of the day, back when I watched John Wick for the first time I thought that was alright enough, and now John Wick: Chapter 3 is my favourite action movie ever so, you know, watch this space!


Best Bit: I think everyone’s answer to this would be the same – the bus fight. I think that’s why the second half wasn’t as good, the fight scenes were all great but this one was by far the best, and it takes place within the first 30 minutes if my memory serves me right.

Worst Bit: We’ve all had one of those moments where you hear a celebrity’s name and you thought they had died, right? It’s happened to me a few times now but nothing like this. When Christopher Lloyd showed up I thought oh, how long has this movie been stuck in development hell for? Because I swear I remember hearing that he died in that horrible year (2016?) we lost so many other legendary actors. I even remember my friendĀ  Jenna’s reaction because she loves Back to the Future so much! I’m either losing my mind or I slipped into another timeline somehow.

Fun Trivia: Based on an idea by Bob Odenkirk, who dealt with a home invasion himself by trapping the trespassers in the basement. He was frustrated with how the authorities dealt with the situation and had thought about how he would take the matter into his own hands if he “was a badass.”

My Rating: 3 kitty bracelets that if my daughter loved and lost, I would probably kick ass to retrieve, too.


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Long Shot (2019)

long-shot-movie-review-poster-2019Director: Jonathan Levine

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Runtime: 125 Minutes

Main Cast: Charlize Theron, Seth Rogan, June Diane Raphael, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Ravi Patel, Bob Odenkirk, Andy Serkis, Randall Park

Plot: Charlotte Field, the Secretary of State, is planning to run for President. Her team tells her that her speeches could do with more humour injected into them, and so when she runs into Fred Flarsky, a journalist that she knew when they were both younger, she hires him, not knowing that he has a crush on her.

My Thoughts: I’m really sorry if you happen to have this surname, but is it just me or does Fred Flarksy sound like the most made-up name ever? It sounds like you’re trying to hide who you’ve just spent all night with. His name was Fred…Flar…Flarsky. Fred Flarsky! This isn’t the start of a ranty review because I actually loved the movie, but I’ve been dying to say that!

Romcoms can be huge hits or misses, and on paper, Long Shot should have been one of the misses. It doesn’t bring anything new to the genre at all but it does everything so well that it’s a really enjoyable movie. Plus – who gave Seth Rogan the right to be so good looking?! Am I hormonal right now or not alone on this one?! The chemistry between him and Charlize Theron felt real and they were actually quite adorable together. By chance, I caught them both on the Graham Norton show just before going out and they really do gel well!

Like I said, there’s nothing here you haven’t seen before and it’s probably about 15 minutes too long. If you hate romcoms you aren’t going to like it but I think quite a few will be pleasantly surprised. The banter between Fred and Maggie (a member of Charlotte’s team) made me want to watch Veep – I fell behind around the start of Season 3, and I really need to pick it back up again.


Best Bit: Charlotte having to deal with an extremely serious diplomatic affair whilst still high as a kite…normally I’m not a fan of this kind of scene in comedies but this was such an exception. It reminded me of when I was in College and we’d all turn up to our last Friday class a little drunk but trying to act sober (sorry, Mum).

Worst Bit: “…OH BOYYYYYY!” Okay, the joke did get funnier but at first, it was just kind of gross!

Fun Trivia: This is the fifth film collaboration between Seth Rogen and Randall Park, following Neighbors, The Interview, The Night Before and The Disaster Artist although the majority of these films, Rogen & Park don’t appear onscreen together.
I hate trivia like this, but I honestly couldn’t find much else!

My Rating: 4 out of 5 traditional Swedish folk outfits, which poor Seth Rogan was forced to wear…


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Incredibles 2 (2018)

incredibles-2-movie-poster-review-2018Director: Brad Bird

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Runtime: 118 Minutes

Main Cast: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner, Catherine Keener, Eli Fucile, Bob Odenkirk, Samuel L. Jackson, Sophia Bush, Brad Bird, Phil LaMarr, Jonathan Banks

Plot: Elastigirl teams up with entrepreneur and superhero advocate Winston Deavor on a mission to make all ‘Supers’ legal again, whilst Mr Incredible stays at home with a mission of his own – looking after their three children.

My Thoughts: Boy am I glad that I caught up on the original Incredibles movie before seeing the sequel, because it literally picks up exactly where the original left off 14 years ago. It’s absolutely amazing comparing the same scene in both movies because you can see just how far animation technology has come in those years.

I’ll get straight to the point – I really loved it. Maybe it’s the soppy parent in me, but I enjoyed every second! Sure, you can smell the twist coming a mile away (it’s kind of the same as the original anyway) but I think we need to remember that kids are the main audience for this movie, and it’ll shock and surprise most of them.

I imagine I’m easily pleased but as great as all the superhero action was, it was the family moments that I enjoyed the most. It’s just those stereotypical moments that are absurd yet so true. I remember struggling with my homework and my Mum wasn’t any help at all because she couldn’t understand it herself! I remember those mornings as a teenager where I would decide that I hated everything and every one. Now, as a parent myself, I understand those moments where simply trying to keep a very mobile baby alive is exhausting!


Best Bit: Jack Jack’s powers. In fact, any time Jack Jack was even on screen. He absolutely stole the scene throughout the entire movie!

Worst Bit: For the movie itself, it was probably just a tad too long. Also – how bizarre was the short beforehand, Bao? The moment where the Mum ate her dumpling child had our whole screen laugh in shocked confusion. Now I’ve looked it up I understand it, but it was one of the most confusing things I’ve seen!

Fun Trivia: A typo on the movie theatre marquis where Tony is dropped off towards the end of the movie reads “A113”, one of the most famous recurring Easter Eggs. Several Pixar producers and animators studied at California Institute of the Arts in classroom A113 and this number appears in every Pixar film.

My Rating: 4 and a half out of 5 cookie num nums, which you’ll need to keep handy…