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I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020)

thinking-ending-things-2020-review-netflixDirector: Charlie Kaufman

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Runtime: 134 Minutes

Main Cast: Jessie Buckley, Jesse Plemons, Toni Collette, David Thewlis, Guy Boyd

Plot: Jessie Buckley plays a young woman travelling through treacherous weather with her boyfriend to go and meet his parents for dinner at their farm house. She isn’t certain about how she feels about her relationship and when they arrive things get strange.

My Thoughts: What a happy movie title! Oh you guys, I don’t know where to start with this one. I started writing this post the second I finished watching the movie but it would have been a hate-filled rant, and I needed to let my thoughts settle. I never watch a movie expecting to hate it. I wouldn’t watch a movie if I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, and if anything I was SO looking forward to this one. I adored Anomalisa (2015), Charlie Kaufman’s last movie and everyone on Twitter and Letterboxd was raving about it. Then I saw it getting comparisons to Tenet (2020) and I got really confused. Yes, time is a prominent feature in I’m Thinking of Ending Things, and if you dare to try and tell me it makes more sense than Tenet I will fight you.

The 20 minute car journey at the start of the movie dragged a bit but I gave it the benefit of the doubt, mainly for Jessie Buckley who always plays interesting characters (we’ll forget about Dolittle, okay?). When the couple arrive at the farm house I was relieved, we were finally getting into the story, and then the weirdness kicked in. I mean, anyone who is about to meet their partner’s parents for the first time needs to watch this movie. You’ll instantly feel better about it because there’s no way it could be more awkward. Toni Collette has proven many a time that she plays crazy with ease, and David Thewlis kicks it up a notch too for the creepiest atmosphere ever.

I was hoping the strange events that take place would be explained. At some point, towards the end of the movie I thought that they might be. Perhaps they actually did, but it was completely lost on me. I’ll explain the plot of Tenet to a room of grannies and toddlers before I watch this movie again…I’m so disappointed!


Best Bit: As much as I disliked the movie, getting to see Toni Collette makes it worthwhile. How she hasn’t won an Oscar yet is beyond me. For the ultimate creepy-mom-athon, watch this back to back with Hereditary (2018). I would genuinely be scared to meet her!

Worst Bit: Possible spoilers here so skip down if you want to avoid them. Like I said, I thought the ending was going to come with an explanation and then it just turned into…La La Land?! What the actual eff? Also, there’s a movie that keeps being discussed and I’ve never seen it. Is it essential watching to understand?!

Fun Trivia: The young woman is not named in the credits or closed captions, and is referred to by multiple names like Lucy, Lucia, and Louisa. These first names are also the only thing on the caller ID or on the texts she gets.

My Rating: 1 and a half copies of the Genus edition of Trivial Pursuit…and I was today years old when I realised it isn’t in fact the Genius edition. Doh.


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TV Rambles: Fargo Season 3

Aw geez, I’ve been looking forward to Season 3 of Fargo even more than Game of Thrones this year and I can’t believe it’s already over! Where did 10 weeks go? I deliberately stayed away from every bit of news as I could so everything would be a surprise. In fact, by the time Episode 1 aired, all I actually knew was that it starred Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


I gotta say, the first half of Episode 1 didn’t get me at all. I loved the fact McGregor was playing both brothers, but I felt like so much information was being thrown at me with no links whatsoever. That all changed the second David Thewlis came onto screen. I had no idea he was even in this season and it took a full minute for my brain to register it was even him. What a character! It was a wild ride from that moment on.

Just like the previous seasons, this one is an entirely new story set in an entirely different year, but still linked to the bigger Fargo universe. Also joining the cast is Carrie Coon, a newbie to me, playing Gloria Burgle. Gloria is the former Chief of the local police department, and together with traffic cop Winnie Lopez (Olivia Sandoval) she is the force that just won’t quit when she knows to trust her instincts.


I think Season 1 will always hold that key place in my heart as my favourite season, but this one is only just so slightly behind. The story was as brilliant as you can expect, but it was the characters this time round that really made it special. I’ve never seen David Thewlis play the bad guy, let alone a guy so disgusting in both a literal and metaphorical sense. Some of his scenes were honestly difficult to watch (though it may just be pregnancy nausea on my behalf) and so I have to give him a shout out for that.

Ewan McGregor also shone in both of his roles, managing to play the 2 Stussy brothers so well that it was easy to forget they’re played by the same person. I’m actually tempted to say he did a better job than Tom Hardy did in Legend!


The real MVPs for me though were Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Carrie Coon. These ladies just steal every scene that they’re in, and they kick ass. Both of their characters go on such emotional journeys, and they’re just a pleasure to watch. I seriously hope these ladies land some big roles in the future, because they’re ones to watch for sure.

I won’t go into of course, but can I just mention that ending? Perfect. I love it and I hate it at the same time, because we’ll never know what happened after those 5 minutes. Arghhhh. Now I have a Fargo-shaped hole in my life. I really hope we get a Season 4 in the future!

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Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

wonder-woman-movie-poster-2017Hell has finally frozen over huh? Don’t worry – I’m not about to rant about the British heatwave again, but that combined with the fact that DC have released a movie that’s not only taking the box office by storm, but getting rave reviews too? Anything could happen at this point! The promise of air con and ice cream (have I told you enough that my cinema does cinnamon buns ice cream?) was enough to break the curse, and the husband and I finally made it to see Wonder Woman on Monday night. Consider us members of the bandwagon!

After making a brief appearance in Batman V Superman last year, Gal Gadot returns as Wonder Woman, for a solo movie of her own, exploring her origin story. As long as it’s not Batman or Spiderman, I kind of dig an origin story movie, and this one in particular, because I soon realised I knew next to nothing about Wonder Woman herself. I won’t explain the plot to you here, I’m sure at least 80% of the population has seen it by now anyway!

I think one of the biggest problems with DC movies of late is that they’ve been pretty cool to look at, but that’s about it, they’re shallow. Wonder Woman takes that and just adds so much more. With a duo of Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, I honestly don’t know who I have the biggest crush on! Mind you, the glow in the dark bath scene coupled with Chris Pine being tied up with the lasso of truth might just seal the deal for me. *cough* Sorry…


Honestly though? If you’ll allow me a serious moment here, something I really appreciated was the fact that despite the scenes with numerous tall, beautiful women sparring in tight armour, none of it felt sleazy at all. It was sexy as hell, but classy, and I really have to hand it to the team for that one.

Back to Gal Gadot though. Was anyone else expecting her to be so funny? The clothes shopping montage was hilarious, and her reaction to babies and ice cream just made my heart melt. Can we just scrap the Justice League movie and have a feature film of Wonder Woman and Etta having a girls day out? No! Actually, can we have a DC & Marvel crossover just containing Wonder Woman and Thor generally being confused with everyday objects and life? Please, movie gods!


I guess the only thing I didn’t enjoy so much was the final battle. It was inevitable really, but just before that moment my mind erased all memory of the sub-par DC movies, but it kind of came back in that CGI-heavy battle. That amazing soundtrack made up for it a little though, I’ll admit.

If you couldn’t tell already, I kinda loved Wonder Woman. My expectations were low for so long, but I got caught into the hype in the last couple of weeks. 4 out of 5 sentimental watches from me. I’m not crying, you’re crying.


P.S. I’d like you to appreciate the fact I spent 20 minutes looking for a picture of a watch actually from World War I. I’m nothing if not thorough!