Going Off Topic

Going Off Topic (#17) The Longest Weekend

I’m currently struggling with my April pick for the Blind Spot Series, but I’m determined to see it through. I’m not seeing End Game until Tuesday night so I don’t have any movies to review in full right now, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to throw together an Off Topic post and ramble about what’s going on lately.

You’re all reviewing End Game and I’m trying SO HARD to stay away from spoilers. I promise I’ll visit everyone else’s posts as soon as I’ve seen it! Plus there’s the GoT Battle for Winterfell on Sunday night which I won’t be able to watch until Monday and this weekend is going to be so painfully long! If I make it to Tuesday night without seeing spoilers for either of these huge events I’ll be amazed.


So what’s going on, anyway? My baby girl turned into a toddler without me even realising. The kid is hilarious – I don’t know where she gets it from. She’s obsessed with pirates and holds her arm up with an ‘ARGHHH’ whenever her favourite show is on. She knows where her belly is and isn’t shy about telling (and showing!) anyone. She runs so fast on her little legs I can’t quite believe it, and she’s clumsy as hell. Poor thing is going to be one of those kids that’s always covered in scabs.

My TV watching time has obviously dwindled drastically, but I finally gave in to my family’s nagging and started Mr. Robot. It’s one of those shows I’ve been tempted by for ages but never took the plunge. I was hooked in the first 5 minutes but man is it tough to follow. It took me a whole season to realise that not understanding what’s going on is actually part of the experience. I’m nearly at the end of season 2 now!

And of course, I’m keeping up with Game of Thrones. I haven’t loved the last 3 seasons but when you’ve invested so much time in a show you have to see it through. I went into this new season cautiously, but seeing all these beloved characters come together has warmed my cold heart, and I’m genuinely terrified for the next episode. Someone I love is going to get killed off, I just know it. I want Arya, Brienne, Gendry, Jorah, and so many others to live to the end and my heart is going to be broken.

Even more of my precious free time is being eaten up by the Remastered Assassin’s Creed III. I don’t play many games anymore but Connor”s story was my absolute favourite in the entire series and I’ve loved being able to replay this game. I’ve been torn between taking my time and enjoying it and blasting through the story as quickly as possible!

So until Tuesday night, I’ll be keeping off Twitter, Instagram (who am I kidding) and Facebook, and I’ll be back in full force very soon!