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What I Watched: June 2021

What a whirlwind week it’s turning out to be! Word on the street is that all COVID restrictions in the UK are going to be lifted in 2 weeks, which just feels surreal. I just got back from a weekend away in Wales for a family wedding which was a delight. My 3-year-old was better behaved on the long drives than I was, she’s an absolute boss. Oh, and I returned to work this week! Home working only for now and part-time too but after being on furlough since April 2020 I’ll take anything. It’s going to take a LOT of getting used to!

Safe to say, my movie watching is going to dip in July but we aren’t here to talk about July today, are we? Let me share with you what I watched last month…


Bo Burnham: Inside (2021) – Clearly I’ve been living under a rock, because I didn’t know Bo Burnham was a comedian. Everyone was talking about his lockdown special over Twitter though and I just hate to be left out, so I gave it a watch whilst writing. I got no writing done! I adored every single minute. ‘Shit’ is by far my most listened song of the year, it doesn’t get old for me.


Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021) – Whilst I’m still salty that ODEON didn’t bother to show this movie, I wasn’t missing out on much. I haven’t seen all of the Saw movies so I can’t comment much about this latest installment, but it was just…a bit meh, wasn’t it?


Dream Horse (2021) – Yes, I’m still sticking with my pledge of watching absolutely everything my local cinema is showing. Dream Horse was actually a really sweet story set in the Welsh valleys and starring the always-wonderful Toni Collette. It’s a feel-good story and showcases the beauty of the countryside and the warmth of a small community.


Awake (2021) – I really wanted to like this movie. The idea that some awful catastrophe occurring that renders humankind unable to sleep is fascinating, especially to someone as sleep-deprived as me. Yet Awake somehow manages to follow every conventional step in the ‘disaster movie’ book and is just plain boring.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)Film & Wine Club Review

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021) Full Review


Together Together (2021) – What a beautiful movie this was. It’s been a while since I watched something that plagued my thoughts for so long after. It’s the story of a single father who hires a surrogate mother, and how their relationship develops whilst she’s pregnant. It could have so easily become a romcom but it stays realistic, through the highs and the lows and it just really surpassed all of my expectations.

In The Heights (2021)Full Review

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)Film & Wine Club Review


Bo Burnham: Make Happy (2016) – Obviously I was going to allow Netflix to push me into watching some more of Bo Burnham’s comedy work. I think I still prefer Inside but I love the chaotic energy that Bo has on stage. The musical numbers were great, as expected!

Fast & Furious 9 (2021) Full Review


Luca (2021) – I really want to do a full review for Luca so I’ll be brief for now but I really enjoyed it. It’s not as deep as Inside Out or Soul but I don’t want all of my Pixar movies to be like that. Sometimes I just want to watch two fishy friends eat pasta and ride bikes! It has it’s faults for sure but after reading reviews I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would.

The Dressmaker (2015) – This was a Film & Wine Club pick that I’ll get a full post written up for soon.

I also watched 3 Paul Rudd movies for June’s Hidden Gems challenge. The movies were Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013), How Do You Know (2010) and Dinner for Schmucks (2010). Find out if any of them were gems here!

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What I Watched: May 2021

It feels so good to be complaining about the weather being too hot. It’s been winter in the UK for forever, and then out of nowhere we’re right in the middle of a heatwave. I just can’t cope, you guys. My winter jumpers have barely left the wardrobe and I’m filling up the paddling pool. Anyway, May brought the return of cinemas here, YAY! It feels SO GOOD. I’m behind on everything to do with the blog, but at least I’ve got another cinema trip booked. I’ve also had my first COVID jab at last which was terrifying (I don’t cope well with jabs) but also kind of amazing. Before I ramble too much, let me share what I’ve watched in the last month…

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (2021) Full Review


Things Heard & Seen (2021) – I forgot all about this Netflix movie. In my Letterboxd diary I rated it 2/5 and I don’t think it deserves a rating that high. I feel like it started off quite well, but descended into mediocre-ness. It’s just your usual, city-folk move to the country to an old, haunted house kind of movie with some other pointless plots thrown in for the hell of it.


Shrek the Third (2007) – Remember how last month I used that Netflix feature that just plays something for you at random, and ended up watching 13 Going on 30? Well I gave it another go and ended up with Shrek the Third. I’ve actually never seen it, or the fourth one either! It was good though. Very much the same kind of humour as the first two but just not quite as memorable.

True Lies (1994)Full Review (Film & Wine Club)


Premonition (2007) – This caught my eye on Netflix. It sounded twisty and I love Sandra Bullock, so I don’t know how it’s escaped me until now. Sandra’s character has a premonition of her husband dying, but the things in her dream start to happen in real life. I loved it, it really took me by surprise, but I wish it ended just 10 minutes earlier. It had a perfect ending, but then it carried on and I wish it had just finished there. Worth a watch if you’re struggling to pick something!

This Is the End (2013) – Seth Rogen and James Franco together is hit and miss for me. Sometimes it’s garbage (I hate Pineapple Express and I won’t apologise) but other times it’s legendary, and I can always count on re-watching This Is the End to cheer me up!


Mainstream (2020) – Oh I feel so conflicted about this! Definitely worth a watch to see Andrew Garfield having the time of his life, but it’s a messy movie. It’s all to do with influencer culture and how dangerous social media can be, which I’m all for, but Mainstream didn’t have anything to say until at least halfway through. Once the gang have their own TV show, everything from that point is an absolute 10/10 for me, it was fantastic, but everything before that point was just pointless.

Oxygen (2021)Full Review

The Woman in the Window (2021)Full Review

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)Full Review (Film & Wine Club)


The Unholy (2021) – Ahh, my first cinema trip of 2021. It had to be some fun trash, didn’t it? There’s a good story in there somewhere, and I like the whole ‘when God builds a church, the Devil builds a chapel next door’ vibe to it, but it’s bogged down by the characters and the script which feels a bit lazy. Good enough for a watch with friends and some popcorn though, especially if you like a few jump scares and slenderman-type creatures.

The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019) – This was a Film & Wine Club watch that I haven’t written up yet, so watch this space.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2021)Full Review


Army of the Dead (2021) – Yeah, this was alright. I’m not a fan of zombie movies unless they’re comedies but this one had enough of a balance of serious and entertaining. It was way too long, though. Felt like it took all night to get through. It has some stunning cinematography and I enjoyed it enough to look forward to a sequel at least!


Friends: The Reunion (2021) – Oh, I wasn’t prepared for this. I loved every second of it, until James bloody Corden turned up at least, but he had the decency to keep to his role as host and not try to take over the show. I’ve been pining for some kind of follow-on movie but when the question was asked I agree with their answer, it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Oh, and can cupid please work their magic on Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer? They are SO CUTE!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) – Another Film & Wine Club movie that I haven’t written up yet, arghh! I’ll be writing all day today, I think.

Cruella (2021) – If I can stop daydreaming about Emma Stone long enough to write something coherent, I will.

A Quiet Place Part II (2021) – Review coming sooooon, I promise!

I also watched Z for Zachariah (2015), Bombshell (2019) & Mary Queen of Scots (2018) for Mettel Ray’s Hidden Gems Challenge. May’s pick was Margot Robbie, and you can see my post here if you missed it.

TV wise, I’ve started re-watching Friends, and I highly doubt I’m alone in that one. Mare of Easttown has come to an end, and oh boy, what a finale! I loved that moment where the case was solved but then something didn’t quite add up. At that moment I completely lost it and started shouting ‘IT WAS ROY, IT WAS ROY’! Sorry, but David Denman will forever and always be known as Roy from The Office for me. I was so hyped because he was my guess from the very first episode, but obviously it turned out I was wrong. As usual. Who’s hyped for Loki next week?!

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What I Watched: April 2021

Well hello there May! Can someone remind the British weather that it is in fact, May? There are exciting times ahead. Cinemas are going to be given the green light to open on the 17th, and indoor entertainment and hospitality opens up, too. I can’t WAIT. I don’t even like popcorn that much but on that Monday I’m buying the biggest bucket of popcorn that the cinema sells. I’ll watch anything, and everything! I’m not taking anything for granted ever again.

Let’s move onto movies before I make myself emotional. A week’s holiday slowed my movie watching down (not that I minded in the slightest!) but I still saw some great things in April. Here they are!


The Father (2020) – I tried to write a full review of this, it’s still sat in my drafts now. I just couldn’t put my muddled thoughts into actual words though. Just know that it really is as good as you’ve heard. The Academy might have royally screwed up on that fateful night, but Anthony Hopkins fully deserves that award. There are plenty of movies out there that give a perspective of what living with memory loss, but none quite like this.


Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) – This kind of movie should only be watched on the big screen, but I’d rather have watched it at home than not at all. I’m not a huge fan of these monster movies but they’re fun, and Godzilla vs. Kong kept the lame, human side of the story to a minimum which was a choice that worked well.


Chaos Walking (2021) – I’m a bit gutted that I didn’t love Chaos Walking, it had so much going for it. I loved the idea of only men’s thoughts being projected, visible and audible for all to hear – but not women’s. It felt like there was a huge mystery and a cover up that was right around the corner, but it never really came to fruition. It was enough to make me want to read the book that the movie is based on though, so that’s something.


Mank (2020) – I always make an effort to watch all the major awards movies, and I did so gladly this year, other than Mank. I love David Fincher as a director but not even his name could make me excited for this movie. I tried really hard, but I only made it to the 20-minute mark before I gave up, This just isn’t the movie for me.

Thunder Force (2021)Full Review

Nobody (2021)Full Review


Why Did You Kill Me? (2021) – I don’t talk a lot about documentaries, mainly because I watch so few, but also because I don’t really know how to rate them. This one was an interesting find on Netflix about how social media and cat-fishing was used to track down a murderer.


Stowaway (2021) – This one just snuck it’s way really quietly onto Netflix one day, didn’t it?! A really interesting sci-fi drama set in space, demonstrating that terrible decision where sacrificing one life could save many more. I didn’t like the ending at all, but it certainly didn’t taint the rest of the movie for me.


13 Going on 30 (2004) – I’ve just realised I was heavily dependent on Netflix in April! So, you might have heard of this new Netflix feature that’s designed to stop you from spending hours trying to decide what to watch. You just press a button, and Netflix does the choosing for you. Well, I tried it, and it chose 13 Going on 30 for me. Hmm. I mean, the dance sequence to Thriller made it all worthwhile, but at the same time…I haven’t pressed that button since.


Housebound (2014) – I’m annoyed that I’m so behind on reviews right now, because I really want to write one for this. I’ve a new found appreciation and love for New Zealand cinema. Their sense of humour resonates so clearly with me! If you enjoyed What We Do in the Shadows, you’re going to love Housebound.


Stay (2005) – Last week I ticked a couple of movies off my watch list that had been there for so long I forgot who recommended them and why. Stay was one of those! I love dark, twisty movies so that’s why, and that’s exactly what Stay was! Starring a very young Ewan McGregor and Ryan Gosling – I didn’t have enough concentration to fully appreciate it but it’s worth a watch for sure as long as you’re wide awake and alert!

I also watched Fahrenheit 451 (2018), Fruitvale Station (2013) and Creed II (2018) as part of Mettel Ray‘s Hidden Gems Challenge, and you can find my Michael B. Jordan post here.

TV wise, I finished watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The final 2 episodes were much stronger than the middle 2 episodes, and I was satisfied with the ending. Sam is going to be a great Captain America! I didn’t love it in the same way I loved Wandavision, I wasn’t interested in the Flag Smashers’ story. I’m hugely excited to see what’s on the horizon for John Walker. Next month brings Loki, the Marvel show I’ve been looking forward to the most!

I also watched The Flight Attendant, a show I’ve been meaning to see for ages. I’ve been a fan of Kaley Cuoco ever since 8 Simple Rules so I was over the moon for her to land a big role like this, and I hope the show’s success leads to bigger and better roles for her. I enjoyed the mystery behind this show, it kept every one of the eight episodes full of tension!

This week I decided to get on board with a show before the hype is already over – I’ve started Mare of Easttown! The first episode threw WAY too many characters at me (typical HBO) but I’ve just finished watching the second episode and it all makes more sense now.

What have you all enjoyed in April?

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What I Watched: March 2021

Can you believe we’re already a quarter of the way into 2021? April is going to be a good month, I can feel it. And even if it isn’t – fear not, I vowed this week to stop complaining because I’m boring myself, let alone you. In the middle of April in the UK we’re allowed domestic holidays, non-essential retail, outdoor attractions, outdoor dining, hairdressers, gyms, libraries…loads! If nothing catastrophic happens between now and then, that is. We’ll be driving down to the seaside for a week all being well, although the weather is looking atrocious. Anyway! Despite a shaky week here and there, I watched a lot of movies in March and today I’m here to share them with you.

TV wise, I finished Wandavision – LOVED it. That line that Vision says, “What is grief, if not love persevering” is so beautiful. I didn’t even realise till the finale episode was over that we didn’t get a major cameo like the internet thought. I don’t mind it to be honest, but it was so much fun reading all the speculation! I’ve started Falcon and the Winter Soldier too, and although it hasn’t gripped me in the same way Wandavision did, it’s still a great watch. I’ve also finally started The Flight Attendant, I’m only two episodes in but oh my goodness, it’s so stressful to watch! In a good way but oh boy, it’s not the show to wind down to.

Let’s move onto movies, shall we?


The Mauritanian (2021) – I don’t have much to say about this at all. There is some stellar acting by Tahar Rahim and the BAFTA have fallen head over heels in love with it, but to me it felt like a very generic and dull way of telling a fascinating story. It was too long and too by the book to stand out.

Wolfwalkers (2020)Full Review

Moxie (2021)Full Review

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020)Previous Review – I re-watched this to cheer myself up and it worked!


The Dig (2021) – Why did I watch this?! I knew it would be boring. But it kept cropping up on Letterboxd as being popular and I hate to be left out so I gave it a go. It’s about a man digging holes. Yes, I know there’s more to it than that but I would rather watch paint dry than watch The Dig again. Sorry.

Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) Full Review


Yes Day (2021) – This fictional family are saying yes to whatever their kids ask them for a whole day and I have to say no to my own kid every time she asks if she can visit anyone’s house? I knew this was a bad idea to watch. They went to Six Flags Magic Mountain though and I went there on honeymoon so it was fun to relive some of those memories!

Cherry (2021) Full Review

My Own Private Idaho (1991) – Reviewed for Hidden Gems: Keanu Reeves


Judas and the Black Messiah (2021) – I tend to avoid political movies (I don’t enjoy them) but after LaKeith Stanfield got a surprise Oscar nomination last month I had to see why. Him and Daniel Kaluuya are phenomenal in this but I have to wonder, if they’re both supporting actors, who’s the lead?!

The Devil’s Advocate (1997) – Reviewed for Hidden Gems: Keanu Reeves

Happily (2021) Full Review

Deadly Illusions (2021) Full Review

Hardball (2001) – Reviewed for Hidden Gems: Keanu Reeves


Breaking News in Yuba County (2021) – I’m going to try really hard to write a full review for this one over the weekend because this movie was WILD. Think Fargo, not quite as good as the original, but with a fantastic cast and a lot of laughs along the way!

Seaspiracy (2021) – I know this documentary got it’s name to follow a pattern from another documentary but come on, the name ConspiraSEA was right there! I don’t review documentaries because I watch so few and I don’t really know how I would score them, but this one was an interesting watch. Put me off eating fish though.


Bad Trip (2021) – I was expecting Bad Trip to be some goofy nonsense I could watch whilst doing a bit of life admin but it was actually really good, I would honestly put it up there with Borat in terms of quality and jokes!

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What I Watched: February 2021

Well, hello March. It’s yet another month of lockdown to go but at least the weather has taken a turn for the better. We get out of the house every weekend for our daily allowed exercise from the government and when you have a 3-year-old that means sometimes layering up for an hour of muddy football, but this weekend has been absolutely glorious.

I have to tell you something only you’ll appreciate, too. You might remember for Christmas my husband got me a Schitt’s Creek jumper, all black with the words ‘Ew, David’ on it. Well, my daughter just loves to match clothing lately and has gone on and on and on about wanting her own ‘Ew David’ jumper. She’s never even watched the show (and why would she?) but with the help of eBay, I managed to make her one. I promise you she loves it, but trying to get her still for a photo is impossible!


Anyway! I’m here to round up all the movies I watched last month, so let’s get on with it, shall we?

next-2007-nicolas-cage-reviewNext (2007) – Oh my god, this movie was corny as hell but I loved it. Nicolas Cage plays a magician with the ability to see into his own future, but only by a few minutes. The government want to hire him to stop a nuclear attack but he wants nothing to do with it. It’s as silly as it sounds and if it were anyone but Nic Cage I would be slating it, but it was entertaining. I still can’t decide whether I loved or hated that ending!

malcolm-and-marie-movie-reviewMalcolm & Marie (2021) – I’m sorry I never got around to writing more about this one. I put off watching it for a while because on paper it sounded like the equivalent of watching paint dry but I was hooked. It’s basically almost 2 hours of Zendaya and John David Washington arguing but it’s glorious. They’re both in the wrong (but he’s so much worse) and Zendaya gives one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. This movie hasn’t gotten anywhere near enough awards attention as it deserves!

Red Dot (2021)Full Review

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (2021)Full Review

Willy’s Wonderland (2021)Full Review

to-all-the-boys-always-forever-reviewTo All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021) – I very nearly didn’t watch this. I haven’t read the books but I hopped on the band wagon when everyone raved about the first movie and I loved it. The second one, not so much. It was boring and I think I spent the whole time on my phone. But, you know, worldwide pandemic, nothing to do, I gave the third movie a go. It really captured the magic that made the first one so fun. I’m glad they didn’t make Peter be a jerk about LJ’ following her dreams. I’m fully on board for the fourth movie now!

black-bear-aubrey-plaza-reviewBlack Bear (2020) – I don’t even know how to write a review for this one. Just know that I loved it with every bit of my being. I adore Aubrey Plaza and damn, she needs to be given more roles like this. I can’t wrap my head around what actually happened in this movie but I want to watch it again and again.

supernova-movie-reviewSupernova (2020) – Weirdly I ended up watching this in the same week as watching Still Alice (20214) for the Hidden Gems challenge, and sadly it marred my enjoyment of it slightly. Supernova is a beautiful and heart-wrenching story of dementia but it didn’t go into the depth that Still Alice did. It’s unfair to compare them of course because they tackle the subject in different ways, but Supernova was a much quieter movie than I was expecting. Fantastic performances though, especially by Stanley Tucci.

I Care a Lot (2021) Full Review

monster-hunter-movie-reviewMonster Hunter (2020) – I knew this would be garbage but my husband is a fan of the games and so he wanted to see it. It’s got some impressive CGI  and some cool action scenes but that’s about it. There’s a fun, feline nod to the games that my husband had a little nerd moment over but that was the highlight really. The product placements for Coca Cola and Hershey’s were unintentionally hilarious, I’ll give them that.

juliet-naked-movie-reviewJuliet, Naked (2018) – This has been on my watchlist forever and I don’t even remember who recommended it to me. It was probably after I raved about how much I love Chris O’Dowd, though. This was a surprisingly good rom com actually, with a bit of a love triangle thrown in there.

news-of-the-world-movie-reviewNews of the World (2020) – I’ve been putting this movie off because I’m not a fan of westerns. Many other reviewers said that the western element wasn’t really the main genre though so that and the fact that Tom Hanks is the lead is what made me give in, in the end. I mean, when does Tom Hanks ever give a bad performance? I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie, it was too slow for me, but not surprisingly, Hanks was brilliant and that final scene really tugged on the old heartstrings.

mothers-day-jason-sudeikis-reviewMother’s Day (2016) – Look, sometimes you just need to kick back on the sofa after a long day of parenting in a pandemic and watch a bit of trash with Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston in, you know? Don’t judge me! The only bad thing to come of Love Actually’s release was the copy cat movies that came afterwards. You know the ones, movies with about 20 characters in who are all somehow connected. It was nice at least to see Jennifer Aniston play an awkward character for a chance, and Jason Sudeikis…raps. So there’s that?

I also watched Clouds of Sils Maria (2014), Equals (2014), and Still Alice (2014) as part of Mettel Ray’s Hidden Gems Challenge. Last month my pick was Kristen Stewart if you hadn’t already guessed!